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Simplifying Rich Internet Applications

StockTrader Demo Application

This StockTrader Demo Application will enable you to experience the many different features that the XTT platform delivers in a Java Swing-based Rich Internet Application. The screen shots in the section below draw attention to some of these features and where they are implemented. (Optimized for Mozilla Firefox)

Java version check:

alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason." Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag!

The Java plug-in version 1.4 or above is required (1.4.2+ recommended) to run this application. If you do not see the "Java version 1.x.x installed" button above, get the Java plug-in here.

IE users: if you encounter an error, look at the top of this page for a yellow bar that reads "This site might require the following ActiveX control: 'Java Plug-in 1.x_xx' from 'Sun Microsystems, Inc.'. Click here to install..." Click the yellow bar and choose "Install ActiveX Control..." to allow installation to proceed.


  Click to Enlarge

Click Start StockTrader application to start the application using Web Start.

Application download size is 132K when using Java 1.5, and 448K when using Java 1.4

XTT features in the StockTrader demo application

Below are short videos of some of the features of XTT that the StockTrader demo application features:


Rich client deployed using Java Web Start


All Java on both client and server


Visual control code directly in the client


Visual Basic-like richness using thin, remotable Java Swing


Drag and Drop functionality


Master-Detail functionality


Sorting form data directly on the client


Child/pop-up windows


Input validation/error handling messages


Full Internationalization (labels, numbers, currency, dates, etc.)


Client side Java code


Complex and custom visual controls


Directly use public real-time web services from thin client


Use standard IDEs (ex: Netbeans/Eclipse)


Integrate ANY 3rd party Java components


Easy client/server remote method calls with full streaming


Data-aware controls over the Internet

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