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XTT is the best standards-based Java environment for building and deploying smarter, richer, thinner,visual Java Internet applications.

The XTT Development Kit takes advantage of the project infrastructure of the NetBeans IDE, and the workspace infrastructure of the Eclipse SDK. The XTT workspace is composed of three projects - client, server, and common - designed to work together to facilitate the development of complete distributed XTT applications.

The XTT Development Kit includes:

Using the XTT Development Kit project workspace structure, the developer will be able to create, develop and deploy complete Java Internet applications more efficiently than ever before.

Getting started

Instructions for getting started are found in the XTT Setup Guide (.pdf format), available both on the InsiTech download page and inside the XTT v 5.9 Development Kit. The short list of requirements for getting started is:

The Setup Guide provides instructions for installing XTT in the IDE, opening and running the sample workspace, and then going from there. If you experience difficulties getting started, please email us at support@itgp.com with any installation questions that you may have.

What's new

See ChangeList.html for a record of changes that have occurred prior to 5.9.

5.9.4 (2007-12-21)

5.9.3 (2007-12-19)

5.9.2 (2007-12-04)

5.9.1 (2007-11-29)

5.9.0 (2007-11-27)

Known issues

1. Validation Warning in NetBeans IDE 6.0

Important Note: When installing XTT in NetBeans 6.0, you will see a "Validation Warning" suggesting that the XTT modules are "untrusted". This warning is a bug in NetBeans. The XTT modules are duly signed using a certificate issued by Thawte to InsiTech, Inc. The modules themselves are based at http://www.insitechinc.com. Simply examine the certificate to verify this is the case, and proceed with the installation.

2. Migrating existing XTT workspaces

By upgrading to version 5.9.4, any XTT workspace created using a version of XTT prior to 5.8.0 will need to be migrated. Please refer to the Setup Guide under Appendices > Appendix B: Migrating existing XTT workspaces for instructions on how to migrate existing workspaces to XTT version 5.9.4.

3. Freeze issue in Eclipse

Freezing has been observed when running the Eclipse SDK on Java versions earlier than 6.0 It is recommended that the Eclipse SDK be run only using Java 6.0 and above.

4. White-on-white text annoyance

When running any IDE, Eclipse of NetBeans, on Java 5.0, the bean object trees in the XTT Object Wizards and tools may display white-on-white after selecting and unselecting nodes. It is recommended that XTT development be done using Java 6.0 and above.