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GE Supply - Proposal Tracking Case Study

GE Supply is a $2.0+ billion, world-class electrical, voice & data products supplier with the resources to get customers what they need, where and when they need it, with lower total transaction costs. GE Supply has over $100 million in inventory, 4.5 million square feet of warehouse space and over 150 locations across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and internationally.

The Problem

GE Supply sought to leverage leading edge technology by developing a Web based proposal tracking system. GE Supply was utilizing an Access based system that required users to enter data into the system through local servers at branches all over the country. Aggregate reporting required multiple database downloads and merges and was prone to error. GE needed a solution that was accessible anytime anywhere and provided real time business information.

The Approach

Utilize InsiTech's XTT Technology™ and develop a custom designed web enabled Oracle database.

The Solution

We created a web based Prop Tracker Application utilizing a custom designed Oracle™ database and developed rich Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) through the use of the XTT™ platform.

The Results

The new Prop Tracker Application yielded GE Supply a web based solution to monitor their new business opportunities from anywhere that they can connect to GE Supply's intranet.

Use of InsiTech's XTT enabled the new system to have a windows look and feel and operate over any network resulting in users being able to perform data input and performance reporting in real time via GE's intranet.

The management reporting in the system utilizes Crystal ReportsTM and is performed in a drill down manner enabling business performance metrics to be viewed from various perspectives.

Technical Environment

The system was developed and deployed using the following technologies:

XTT™ version 2.0
Oracle 8i (located in Cincinnati, OH)
JRun App. Server version 3.0 (located in Milwaukee, WI)
JDK version 1.3
JRE version 1.3
Crystal Reports version 8.0

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