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XTT at Work

What are people saying about the XTT Smart Web Clients for Java framework?

“After extensively researching the "Rich Thin Client" space, I'm Convinced that XTT provides the best vision and solution in the "Rich Thin Client" space, effectively providing a platform that supports rapid application development using industry standard development technologies, and which provides the most flexibility for extending application functionality in the future. In short, XTT provides the technology solution that I would build were I to develop my own solution.”

Richard Conway -
Enterprise Software Development Consultant

“Basically, as I see it, these guys are marketing Oracle Forms (Ok, they don't have an applet, they use Java Web Start; and they use some kind of XML over HTTP (SOAP?!), not some proprietary delta protocol; and they use fullblown Java Swing GUI, not some crippled applet with predefined elements). It's basically free to test it. It should be interesting to port existing Forms applications to XTT.”

Ivica Loncar -
Java Developer

“XTT continues to innovate Java technology for SOA-based, rich, web applications by integrating their RAD Smart-client technology with UML. Used in combination with NetBeans 3.6, MagicDraw and XTT deliver a seamless solution for creating rich user interfaces from industry standard UML models ... with this exciting integration, the NetBeans platform is setting the pace for Java-based, RAD development in UML.”

Larry Baron -
Sun Microsystems who heads Sunís NetBeans solutions program

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